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Big Changes and Breakthroughs

The Leo Full Moon on Thursday, January 28, 2021 is filled with energy requiring change with significant movement and openings that can cause breakthroughs to finally unfold and bring with it illuminating new pathways with more options for your future visions now.

The Full Moon in Leo's fire energy is confident and courageous when there is an outlet for personal expression that feels strong - especially in the area of love.

We are being asked to connect with our sense of Self now in order to strengthen our own auras and energy fields, stay clearly focused on our biggest desires, accept them when they arrive and apply big changes and breakthroughs as they unfold.

Here’s how to do it:

Relationships of any kind including family, work, love and friends can benefit greatly from this special Full Moon Changes & Breakthroughs Spell Casting on Thursday January 28th but especially if you are in the midst of a big change of any kind right now be sure to add this abundance of power to your cache of magick to see a favorable outcome.

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