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Fast Track to +Finances 

Not only is her span of knowledge amazing but she solved the problem of how to get on track financially - quickly."

San Diego, CA

Tom H.


At My Dream Job

"As a guy in college trying to find my way through to the best job after I graduate, I have found that Andrea's scope of knowledge parallels that which I am paying thousands for in school. She takes it all one step further though and has gotten me through some of the toughest circumstances. I cannot thank you enough Andrea as I am now training at my dream job...parents are happy too!"


Stephen C.


Business Improvement!

"Andrea has become a friend and guide in my business which has improved leaps and bounds."

Los Angeles, CA

Mika N.

Psychic Reading Details


Why don't I ever see a psychic winning the lottery?

How do you know they haven't? Not everyone wants to let the world know their "secret edge."

What is your speciality?

The ages old problem of knowing how to get what you want in life could be resolved by networking with the right people. You've heard the saying, "It's not what you know, but who you know." By having Andrea as part of your network could be an important ingredient in your success. If you seek a secret edge, Andrea could reveal insight that may help obtain excellent career positions, money flow, storybook love and how to keep what you go after. Knowledge is power and Andrea is a powerful Wiccan.

Do you cast spells?

Psychic Advisor Andrea Hobbs has helped many through her insightful guidance. But, in difficult situations that are complex and seemingly out of control other measures may be needed. Andrea is a naturally gifted psychic advisor sought after by elite as well as all walks of life because she understands that not everything can be resolved with just guidance. Her natural psychic gifts combined with a strong scholastic and Wiccan lifestyle in New England alongside other professionals in her field take on a whole new meaning when solving problems. Sometimes ancient magick methods and formulae provide desired results. Andrea Hobbs approach is sure to impress anyone seeking answers and solutions to any of life's challenges.

When do you cast my spell?

Generally is confirmed as completed after a two hour period from time of purchase for one spell casting. If you order more than one spell casting each spell takes about an hour to cast thereafter. Custom spells, some holiday spells and full moon castings are cast on the dates posted in your confirmation email update. Then once completed you will receive another email stating the date of completion.

I heard that psychics can’t cast spells. Don’t you have to be a witch to cast a spell?

Witches generally are psychic, at least a professional and effective witch is. It takes a psychic mind and adept psychic skills to be able to know if a spell casting is taking effect and if it is working after the spell casting. If someone casts a spell and is not able to monitor its effectiveness or psychically watch how it is evolving in the spell casting process then there is no way of knowing what is going on or how it could affect the recipient. Spell casting without being psychic would be like driving blind-folded. It can be done, sort of, but shortly there is probably going to be a crash.

How long do the spell results last?

Spell castings take on a life of their own. It is not clear how long they can last. Many variables could play a role in how long your spells effectiveness lasts or doesn't last. We recommend that you discuss this with a psychic. Power Boosts may help enhance any of your cache of spells.

What if I don't connect with a psychic?

If you are not happy with any Psychic Reading within 5 minutes, just ask to be transferred to Customer Service and you will be transferred to another psychic. No questions asked.

Does the psychic call me or how do I get my reading?

No. We offer secure live texting for every paid session. This has proven the most favorable method for our customers which eliminates issues of dropped signals as well as a more private and controlled environment eliminating others hearing what you say on the phone. After you make your psychic reading purchase you will be sent an email confirmation for the order. In this confirmation click the link to take you to redeem your live psychic reading or simply go to and click the Live Chat button at the bottom of the screen. Once you give the Customer Care Representative your order number you will begin your session with your chosen psychic.

When is my psychic available?

Availability may vary. Click Here for current times.


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