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Cryptocurrency Payments

We accept cryptocurrencies, cash and credit cards. Cryptocurrency payments receive for a limited time 50% off all spell purchases.  


We accept credit cards,

Cryptocurrencies and cash. 

Coinbase.com is the easiest place to buy cryptocurrencies. We accept Bitcoin, & LiteCoin. You can buy fractions of a Bitcoin or Litecoin like: $10, $20, $50 and so on.

Easiest Cryptocurrency Wallet is Exodus.io

Cryptocurrency Payment Instructions

Enter the discount code you receive at checkout in the "coupon code" field to receive discounted total of 50% off when you select Bitcoin/Litecoin as your payment preference.

Or, choose either Bitcoin or Litecoin as listed below and either scan the QR Code or copy the address and send the funds minus 50% here. If you checkout on the store the total will be calculated for you and generate your order number.

Our Bitcoin Receive Address:


Bitcoin QR code:




Our Litecoin Receive Address: LTXHg7kofHFgGGJdCtcbU3ouqxVAJG5rNM



Litecoin QR code:





Once payment has been received your order will be confirmed via email when the work has been completed.

CancellationsIf your payment has not been received within 24 hours from date of placing your order, your order will be cancelled automatically. If you have sent less than the total amount shown on your order, your order will be placed on hold indefinitely until the remaining balance is paid.

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