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Are You Ready For The Lion's Gate to Open?

Prepare To Meet Your Future Self 🌙 Lion's Gate New Moon Spell Casting Event - This Sunday, August 8, 2021

A new lunar cycle under the presence of the Lions Gate awakens. This is a magical time. The Lion’s Gate opens to the code 8:8 which represents infinity. Upon entry through this gate energies of Sirius shoot straight into our soul. Sirius is about twice as massive as the Sun. It is the brightest star in the night sky. This energy and light code system can unlock awareness of our kismet.

Are you ready to go through the portal so you can merge with your future self?

"Decide who you want to be and then carry yourself accordingly as if you already are that person."

Start building your own reality from the inside out now because you are going to have the power to meet your future self starting this Sunday, August 8.

Spell Casting Event

On August 8 (8:8), we will have a Lion's Gate New Moon Spell Casting Event helping everyone go through the Lion's Gate Portal. If you would like to become empowered with what the other side of the Lion's Gate can bestow upon you and receive great abundance in love, money, health, health and personal growth, select the power level you are ready for and prepare to receive. At checkout let us know your greatest desire right now. Who do you want to be? Spell casting spots start at $39. Grab yours now:

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