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Get Ready For July's Full Buck Moon

What You Have Wanted Is Now Possible - With a Little Help

With Saturn still in retrograde and the Full Buck Moon adding to the mix, huge power can be collected now to use to your advantage.

Retrograde Saturn Is Still Affecting Karma

In Vedic astrology, the retrograde planets are generally considered malefic. It is believed that a retrograde planet gives repeated results and can also give twisted or unexpected results during its retrograde position. Saturn as we know is the planet that rules Karma.

Full Buck Moon Brings The Change You Want

The full Buck Moon brings transformative energies; electric moon energies are shifting and changing. USPsychics team have developed a Full Buck Moon Spell Casting specifically for combining Saturn's karmic energies and Full Buck Moon energies into the change you want.

Full Buck Moon is about rebelliousness. People are agitated and go their own way towards their future self. With this dynamic full moon a part of us it feels like we are already in the future but the Moon wants you to stay put right now. Wait for what you want to come to you. Be careful. Challenges are likely to occur to what is said or communicated. You are wanting to move forward and not willing to put up with things anymore. Future direction choices will be at a soul level. It is worth it to take your time and have certainty about what is essential to your life. Alignment on an authentic trajectory, authentically, is you who is rising up and you know it.

Full Moon Time

  • July's full Buck Moon will rise after sunset on Friday, July 23, reaching peak illumination at 10:37 P.M., Eastern Time that night. Look towards the southeast to watch it rise above the horizon.

  • The full Moon in July is called the Buck Moon because the antlers of male deer (bucks) are in full-growth mode at this time; ready to rebel.

Full Buck Moon Brings The Change You Want, Spell Casting

You will want to be part of this USPsychics Special Full Buck Moon Event.

  • Full Buck Moon Spell Casting event: This Friday, July 23rd. Put it on your calendar now.

  • Spell Casting levels start at $39. Choose your level and power up!

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