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Sturgeon Full Moon Sunday 
August 22-23, 2021

♥️ We have a bountiful boost for you.

Beginning Of Harvest Season August's full moon is called the Sturgeon Moon because that's when sturgeon were historically fished from the Great Lakes region.

The Sturgeon Full Moon of August fully embodies the final days of summer and signals the beginning of harvest season.

The rewards of what you have been working for ahead of you now.

Now is the time to align your spiritual intentions, desires and what real rewards are to you along with the strong and impressive sturgeon who have survived millions of years by adapting and persevering through many different challenges.

Perseverance is more important than perfection. If things aren’t working out exactly as you had hoped allow yourself to trust that the universe is also working hard to help your intentions come true - preparing everything for that to happen. You can help this process by doubling down on your intentions and desires and be just as powerful and resilient as the sturgeon through our full moon spell casting event.

If you have been waiting on rewards of love, money or health now is the time to add this bountiful boost to your cache of spells and or dreams of what you want.

Full Sturgeon Moon Spell Casting Event may be the energies you need to begin harvesting your dreams.

Time to start harvesting your dreams!

♥️ Our Bountiful Boost This is such a wonderful spell that we are going to double any level of power you purchase including Standard level.

Full Sturgeon Moon Spell Casting Event Sunday, August 22-23, 2021. Price: Starting at $39 - Select your power level.



  • Claim your Calming Essence. Free calming essence cast for you with each purchase. Cast for you immediately after your purchase. This begins activating immediately for you.

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