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I've tried them all but these spells really do work! 

—A Very Happy Customer, Alisha K., Bozeman, MT

​Jupiter, The Planet of Luck, Fortune & Expansion

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Jupiter, The Planet of Luck, Fortune & Expansion

Jupiters Auroras

Jupiters mysterious X-ray auroras radiating out to the universe are sending us some highly charged energies for four months. During this time the largest planet in our solar system oversees luck, abundance, fortune, religion, and philosophy that goes retrograde for about four months every year.

Jupiters Gifts

Jupiter retrograde is an opportunity to reflect and revise. And when it comes to anything related to benevolent Jupiter, the positive outweighs the negative.

Jupiter Retrograde Spell Casting focuses on increasing money, luck, optimism, fortune, and expansion.

Jupiter Spell Castings

Spell Castings are being held during June 20 until October 18, 2021. This is a chance to increase your luck exponentially.

Manifesting Money & Luck

Spell castings start at $39 with various power levels to choose from.

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