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I've tried them all but these spells really do work! 

—A Very Happy Customer, Alisha K., Bozeman, MT

Dante Moretti

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Psychic Advisor Specialist in
Level 10 Psychic & Alchemist

Prominent Psychic & Alchemist for The Oldest Versions of Spells Available. Psychic Dante Moretti's Psychic Readings focuses on how to solve problems and get what you want including love and money.


Among the oldest texts and instructions for how to use magick and psychic abilities exists a version consisting of 228 spells from the Old Kingdom and only available to a few people. These few must go through rigorous tests before they are able to acquire access to them. Dante is one of the few who have passed all the tests required for having access and the ability to use them in his spell castings.

Dante Moretti’s spell casting really works! His formula has been selected from a vaulted secret location in Italy. Having been kept hidden for centuries due to its incomparable magick and results, these spell works are so powerful that one must be truly sure that what they are asking for is for their highest good because it cannot be undone. But, then again, who wouldn't want this type of magick anyway? It covers all needs and desires.

“The gods set you before the spirits; the imperishable stars surround you with the great ones. The watchers wait on you. Leap and sit on the wing of Thoth, with bodies full of magick.”

Attract the Gift of Long Lasting Love, Abundance of Money; Perfect Health – or, All Three
Transformations that happen through this spell casting utterance can result in a celestial divinity like that ruling in the heavens. After the spell casting you may experience a complete range of life improvements such as:

• Attract and influence, beguile and bewitch, captivate and fascinate those who appear to be difficult to win their affections.

Keep love once you have it.

• Open up channels to allow money to flow towards you, not away from you.

• Attract healthy energies and radiate beauty.

• Eliminate that which is preventing from attracting what you desire.

• Gain confidence and control.

Spell casting utterances for Personal Power and Enduring Attraction utilizes mysticism to bridge any unexplained or seemingly implausible effects to you. Experiences from this casting can be:

• Relief from a lack of love

• Relief from loneliness

• Relief from poor health

• Relief from a lack of money.

More importantly this spell casting was originally created to not only magnetize positive vibrations and energies to those who seek its assistance but for these new and invigorating experiences to be enduring.

In the face of difficulties lessons must be learned. Applying the lesson can result in impressive rewards. Adding magick to lessons learned manifests highest vibrations for positive Law of Attraction. Results can be glorious.

Have you ever wondered how some people can have love, money, perfect health and beauty? It may appear effortless to the onlookers but chances are that they hold ancient secrets for attracting abundance.

Featured Testimonials

  • "Dear USPsychic,
  • I just want to say that having someone like Dante as a regular advisor now and part of my life has been like opening the gates of Heaven. Dante's ability to understand what was going on with me and how to get out of it has been beyond amazing. He has made a hugely positive difference in my life. I thank God daily for having found Dante and I thank you USPsychic!!!" —Raymond, B, TN

  • "Geesh!!! Serious psychic help here. Dante is surprisingly quick at picking out the problem and coming up with a unique solution that really works. Cheers! to USPsychic for this find. Tipped double my normal this time thanks to the investment tip he gave me last week." —Donnie, S, MI

  • "I love Dante's way of coming up with the answers and even knows what my real question is without asking." —Shannon, R, NV

  • "I've had a lot of psychic readings but wish I had found Dante years ago because he has made the difference in my relationship, night and day. Thank you!" —Raella, S, CA

  • "Usually don't do this type of thing, but will be a regular with Dante. It's almost scary not having this kind of advice on major decisions. Dante has incredible insight. Amazing stuff." —Jerry, F, TX

Disclaimer: Results can vary from person to person, so we cannot guarantee that you will receive the same results as others have, of course, but we can guarantee that you will have an enjoyable experience with us.

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