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*Must purchase at least a 5-minute reading. Free 5-minutes add onto your reading.

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Pay As You Go. You are not automatically charged by the minute. You only pay for blocks of time you purchase - even if you go over your minutes. Credit cards are not kept on file. Nothing is automatically deducted from your credit cards. You are in complete control of what you spend.





To Receive a Psychic Reading:
B Choose your psychic.
Purchase session time.

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Meet Our Psychics

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Non-judgmental, harmonious communications with a benevolent perspective towards guiding others to achieve cherished goals.

"I have learned that there is a huge difference between amateurs and professionals which is why I keep returning to for authentic, professional advice and consultations.​"

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Psychic Times Available 



Generally Available 7-Days a Week

6AM - 12PM EST

(East Coast Time)

  • Psychic reading availability times may differ from what is posted due to extended or group spell casting ceremonies. Bookmark this page or check here to see if the Live Chat icon is on outside these hours.

  • Prepare your questions ahead of time to get the most out of your readings. Even 5-minute Psychic Readings are filled with details to your questions.

  • Receive a Free Transcript of Your Psychic Reading. Just select Free chat session transcript emailed to you immediately after your session.

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Here is how to get a psychic reading

Psychic Readings

  1. Choose Psychic & Purchase Psychic Reading.

  2. Click Live Chat  button below.

  3. Customer Service Agent will ask for your order number to transfer you to your psychic.

  4. Begin your Psychic Reading.

Change your life for the better

$39-5 min.,  $79-10 min., $109-15 min., $218-30 min.

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"What you send out to the universe comes tenfold back. And, when you cast spells for me they always come tenfold back. Thank you for being here and helping us with our dreams."


—Happy Customer, G.K.