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Valentine's Kiss

Like it was the first time


That first kiss can be a poetic element of Love with butterflies born of it.
Light-headed feelings of romantic love, or, butterflies often associated with infatuation, excites powerful energies that can stir happiness and give a new purpose to your life.

A nervous tickling sensation, feelings of butterflies, a racing heartbeat, are actually your body's subtle clues that you're falling in love—or lust; at least activating those pleasure centers stimulated by a nerve and a motivation.

This ritual affects our behavior so deeply and with an inability to focus on anything but the apple of your eye.

Cupid's Arrow

Our brain releases potent chemicals when our crush is near. This reaction can change our life as the excitement wears off.
Then… suddenly, “I just don’t feel anything any more,” may occur.

Those intoxicating sensations we recognize as signs that we are truly into someone are symptoms of sexual passion — not of undying devotion.

This change or transformation, is an awakening where you realize that an undying devotion comes from being friends as well as lovers — or not. Maybe you are just having a lustful experience.

As Love Grows

Being prepared for this transformation is a defense that you should always have a backup for - especially if you think this is “The One,” and you want to keep the relationship growing or draw someone to you.

We have many resources available to not only help keep those butterflies active but to satisfy cravings for love and passion. Keep that loved one coming back for more romance and make Valentine’s Day a special day recreating that first kiss!

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