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I've tried them all but these spells really do work! 

—A Very Happy Customer, Alisha K., Bozeman, MT

Layla Neema

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  • Have order number ready to redeem psychic reading.

Psychic Advisor Specialist in
Tarot, Astrology, Clairvoyance, Egyptian Sorcery & Witchcraft, Empath, Ancient Alchemy & Spell Practice

Sun God Ra is her spirit guide working with her in Tarot Card Readings, Clairvoyant Readings, Egyptian Sorcery, Dream Analysis, Aura Readings, Numerology, Matters in Love, Marriage and Health.


Egyptian Psychic Utilizing Egyptian Tools, Rituals & Secrets. Layla was born of Egyptian blood and has carried on Egyptian psychic traditions of her ancestors since a child of 7. She was taught the spiritual ways by grandparents from Egypt. Ancient rituals dating back to the ancient Egyptians have been passed down to Layla and provide her with powerful tools to divine the future and cast spells that are unequaled.

She will tell you the past, present and future. Layla advises on Relationship Problems, Spiritual Counseling, Financial Security and all matters of life.

Layla is a kind and truly caring person who will see you through difficult situations and ensure you see the side of life that we all deserve.

Featured Testimonials

  • "Layla's charming personality made me feel so comfortable and it helped her tune into me more. This has to be the best psychic reading I've ever had." —Jessica M.

  • "Time after time I have sought advice from Layla because she is accurate and honest. What she tells you happens." —Elaine H., MD

  • "More than anything, I have found someone who feels like a friend and an angel who watches over me. Layla is talented in her craft and keeps me protected." Sharon T., NV

  • "I found money right after talking to Layla. $50 in cash, just laying there on the ground while I was walking to work. Then I get to work and was told I got the raise I wanted. All I can say at this point is that I am a lifer at USPsychic." Sandra C. IA

  • "When I need serious help I come to Layla."—B.D.

Disclaimer: Results can vary from person to person, so we cannot guarantee that you will receive the same results as others have, of course, but we can guarantee that you will have an enjoyable experience with us.

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