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I've tried them all but these spells really do work! 

—A Very Happy Customer, Alisha K., Bozeman, MT


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Psychic Advisor Zondra Specialist in

Mystic Intuition, All Spiritual Tools & Spell Practices

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Private Live Text Psychic Readings

Psychic Advisor Zondra's name means: "man's defender." That she is! Zondra is fiercely loyal to her clients. What they want, she goes to great lengths to make happen.

Zondra's clairvoyant soul tells all. Her spell castings are known to produce beyond what is expected. She talks to Ouji to receive guidance and messages for you specifically - maybe messages from the dead, maybe messages from dreams. But she will tell you the truth about what was and what can be.

Her Ghana African roots reveal her natural abilities connecting with countless deities and spirit possession. Voodoo could be one of the messages depending on the client's needs.

Voodoo is one of the most misunderstood religions on the globe. She says, "Voodoo is older than the world. Voodoo is like the marks or the lines which are in our hands — we born with them."

There is a reason Voodoo is so popular. It produces results. And Zondra's Ouiji will guide her to use it most of the time. The rituals of voodoo's sacred languages are central to the gods. The religion is veneration of the spirits of ancestors. Among voodoo practitioners, the dead are thought to walk among the living to bring messages for Zondra to relay to the seeker.

Sorcerers called botono can be summoned to put a hex on an adversary, if needed. The whole point is to make manifest the darkness, so that the goodness can overwhelm it. The pull of voodoo is so powerful, he says, it seems embedded in the earth of West Africa.

Zondra performs this magick with intensity to resolve hard to remedy problems. You are likely to be impressed.

Featured Testimonials

"Beyond my wildest dreams!" Ricky, D., FL

"Asked for her to remove a curse and since then my finances have been rocketing?" Jack F., NY

"Zondra works wonders. Ask my hubby. He got a raise and major benefits." Belinda, W., TX

Private Psychic Reading Session Options

Live Texting
Select the Live Text session minutes you want from the list provided. Place your order. Then, to start your paid session either click link in your email receipt or go to https://www.uspsychics.net and click the "Chat With Us" black colored Live Chat button located at the bottom right of your screen.

Email Consultations
Select email consultation from the sessions list. Enter up to 3 brief questions in the fields provided on this page. Birth dates and more details can be added at time of checkout. Your questions will be answered during the hours as posted below. Questions received after these posted times will be sent to you the next day.

Hours Available

Generally available 7-days a week 6AM - 12PM EST (East Coast Time). Click Here to view current availability.

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