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All Hallows Eve Event

USPsychics Witches Gathering Tuesday, October 31, 2023 

This event is the third and final phase of our Autumn Equinox Gathering and takes place at midnight on All Hallows Eve. It is connected in series to our Harvest & Hunter’s Moon spell casting seasonal event.

Halloween spells and rituals are incredibly powerful magical practices. To top it off, October 14 brings us a powerful solar eclipse and new moon in Libra, putting some power induced wind under our witches' brooms this season.

The merging of a solar eclipse on October 14, and new moon will create the illusion of a ring of fire around the moon, which combined, ushers in a transformational alignment and generates some serious cosmic energy for us so you can come out on the other side basically new and improved. During this period, from today until end of October, anything you order can include some of this potency.

All adding to our formulas for petitioning the spirits to grant your requests.

Academy of Alchemists & Witches

Personalized attention to your requests from USPsychic's Academy of Alchemists & Witches Our key, prominent, and select members from USPsychic's Academy of Alchemist's & Witches will be vast in number this Halloween to ensure every customer receives undivided and personalIzed attention to every request submitted.

What You Get

How about abundantly blessed?

Our Halloween spell & witchcraft power takes you from dreaming to knowing it's really happening. Realize you did this! You took action and manifested your dreams. That's how powerful you are. That's how worthy you are of your desires.

Choose Coven Members for any request. Remember, there is power in numbers. If you want big power select all 10 coven members:

  • 1 Spell Request and 1 Coven Member

  • 2 Spell Requests and 2 Coven Members

  • 3 Spell Requests and 3 Coven Members

  • 10 Spell Requests and All Coven Members

All Hallows Eve

This kind of spell crafting event only happens once a year!

Due to limited availability reservations are required to hold a space and commission the worlds leading spell crafters to channel its energy to manifest your desires during this special time of year. Have us cast your spell on All Hallows Eve, Halloween Night!

You don't want to miss this event. Purchase now to reserve.

Empowerment Talisman Activator

Every purchase comes with a FREE downloadable spell empowerment talisman.

The talisman activator is a specialized binding mechanism designed especially for this event to provide a direct connection to you with the work performed. There is no additional cost. Download it and keep with you to energize, mediate and focus on daily.

We are awaiting your personal empowerment requests.

Purchase Now To Reserve!

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