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Wealth Dominator Spell Casting

Wealth Dominator Money Spell
Wealth Dominator Spell Casting

The power this spell holds can be positively life changing. Wealth Dominator Spell Casting transformations have produced visible effects known to last a lifetime.

Wealth Dominator Spell Casting releases have been known to make some become very wealthy. Once released, it keeps going and growing relentlessly.

This spell includes derivations from historic archives combined with modern methods and formulae. Magick used in our rituals, incantations, invocations and spells rely on long used systems that include Tarot's connection with the Tree of Life as mentioned in Genesis 2:9. Some aspects of it are from 14th century cartomancy and tarot cards created at the enchanted World Of Tarot. Working at the "hand of God's" instructions can cause a stream of luck, especially wealth luck.

Medieval Kaballah symbolism and astrologia are joined with medieval charms and ages-old magick of handwritten 17th century occult spell books of Latin and archaic English of ‘talking to spirits’ charms, or a bewitchery; all part of magickal formulae intended to trigger a magical effect on a person/s or objects.

Spell Casting Performed by Athena & Thomas.

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