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New Moon Empowerment

New Moon January 2, 2022

it is lucky to move into a new house during the New Moon; prosperity will increase as the Moon waxes. The energy most associated with this phase is that of a fresh start. USPsychics.com New Moon ceremony can bring your heart chakra in alignment with this generous energy and open it for a new beginning.

New starts are particularly going to be empowered. If you want to start or restart a relationship, change career path, start a business, renovate a house or buy a house and anything pertaining to renewing or restarting. Let us know your specifics at checkout.

Power Levels: Complete with purifying and cleansing essences.

  • Power Level 1: Spell casting one time.

  • Power Level 2: Spell casting twice.

  • Super Power Level: Spell castings 4 times with one extra dose of draw down from moon waxing next day.

EVENT All Day Sunday, January 2, 2022

The New Moon ceremony will be performed on January 2, 2022 to harness this New Moon energy and empowering potency per your request.

This is a specialized event performed by Wiccans who decode worn manuscripts from old world library vaults, utilize cryptography of tarot and various alchemy formula for extraordinary experiences of possessing the magick these works radiate to empower choices, changes and unforeseen energies related to New Moon complete with purifying and cleansing essence.

Wiccans performing the rituals will allow one request per order, so make it your best request. The results can happen quickly and have a life lasting impact.

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