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  • Retrograde: May 29 to June 22.

  • Super Blood Moon & Lunar Eclipse: May 26, 2021.

  • Mercury Retrograde: May 29 - June 22.

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Relief From The Raging Trio

This fierce combination of events transpiring near the end of May could cause a variety of unwanted disruptions. Make your preparations in advance to help offset stress & disorder.

Our Gardnerian Coven of Wiccans are fully prepared to make this challenging time a breeze for you to get through. Be sure to get your 25% Power Combo discount below.

Dates of Occurrence

Super Blood Moon & Lunar Eclipse - May 26, 2021

Mercury goes retrograde - May 29, 2021

More Details

Super Blood Moon & Lunar Eclipse - Click Here

Mercury Retrograde - Click Here

25% OFF! When you buy both spells together. Use Promo Code: COMBO

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